- CVT -

Product Description

A M Power, a renowned manufacturer of the CVT with ferrow resonant technology; placing its winding separately. We have a highly qualified team of professionals for ensuring that the transformer is manufactured at par with the standard norms and according to the specific requirements of the customers. The transformer have been widely demanded in Bio-med equipment, Fax, Telecom Equipment, Color photography lab, High Sensitive machines and many other industries.

VT (Constant Voltage Transformer) is designed on the basic principle of Ferro – resonance, in which output winding is resonated with the help of select value or high stability capacitors. This is the most reliable product as there is no moving part thus bringing maintenance cost to zero. This is due to the fact that the stabilizers have relays that are when switched leads to interruption in output voltage for a short time. This can cause damage to the electric equipment like computers and others.

CVT ensures complete protection against spikes and also provide controlled output voltage.

  • High Reliability
  • Fast Response
  • Output Short Circuit Protected
  • Rugged Industrial Design
  • Affordable Price
  • High efficiency products & low electricity consumption as compared to local CVT


Technical Specification Single Phase Three Phase
Capacity150VA to 5KVA500VA to 15KVA
Input Voltage180V to 280v AC340V to 480V AC
Output Voltage230 + -1%415VAC + -1%
Line Frequency50Hz +- 3%50Hz +- 3%
DisplayMains, Output,
Volt meter with switch
to read i/p and o/p
Mains, Output,
Volt meter with switch
to read i/p and o/p
Efficiency90% approx. under full
load conditions
90% approx. under full
load conditions
Output Wave FormSinusoidalSinusoidal
Correction Rate250V/sec approx,/<4 ms430V/sec approx,/<2.5 ms
Load Power Factor0.75%lag to 0.9% lead0.75%lag to 0.9% lead
Ambient Temperature5C to 50C5C to 50C
Transformer typeFerro-resonantFerro-resonant