- Servo Stabilizer -


Product Description

A M Power’s Servo Stabilizers stand as robust solutions for countering the uncertainties in AC mains voltage. Designed with precision, these stabilizers serve as guardians, ensuring a steadfast output voltage even in the face of unpredictable power fluctuations.

How it works

Utilizing advanced technology, the Servo Stabilizer maintains a consistent output voltage by swiftly responding to variations in the incoming power supply. The high torque, low inertia AC synchronous motor, coupled with microcontroller-based fast signal processing, enables rapid corrections, providing reliable protection against erratic power.


Ideal for businesses and industries facing the challenges of erratic power supply, A M Power’s Servo Stabilizers find their niche in environments where the continuous operation of equipment is critical. From manufacturing units to sensitive electronic setups, these stabilizers offer stability and peace of mind.

“Keep your equipment powered without interruptions – our Servo Stabilizers ensure a flawless voltage flow.”


Output Voltage Accuracy: 1%
Response Time: <10 m.sec
Rate of Correction: Upto 70V/Sec
Frequency: 47-53 Hz
Efficiency: Better than 98%
Effect of load power factor: Nil
Wave form distortion: Nil(same as input)
Harmonic distortion: None
Construction: IP21
Color: RAL-7035(Grey)

Unbalanced Line and Load: Independent phase sensing and control provides for 100 % load imbalance

Environment: Temperature range – 0 to 45 °C. Suitable for indoor Tropical use 90% RH (non-condensing)

MCB/MCCB #: At Incoming for Over Load and Short circuit protection.

  • Micro Controller based Fast Signal Processing circuit.
  • High Torque Low Inertia AC Synchronous Motor.
  • Rate of Correction up to 70 V / Seconds.
  • Response time less than 10 m seconds.
  • Energy Efficient – Low losses with Efficiency better than 98%.
  • Auto / Manual & Lower Raise controls.
  • Advanced electronic circuits to maintain constant output voltage even on DG.
  • LCD Display for 3 Phase Electrical parameters like – Input-Output Voltages L-N & L-L / Output-Load Current / Frequency, Various faults display, and display current Stabiliser Status.
  • Last 100 tripped faults log to check performance history.
  • Per Phase settable Input under & Over Voltage Fault indication and Time delayed tripped.
  • Per Phase settable Output under & Over Voltage Fault indication and Time delayed tripped.
  • Per Phase settable Over load,Fault indication and Time
    delayed tripped
  • Input Phase missing or Phase Reversal Instant Tripping
  • Protection against Incoming Neutral / Earth missing Instant Tripping.
  • Limit switches for Servo Motor at extreme input low and high.
  • Time delayed Auto start, for stable Voltages at Output
  • Earth Leakage / Ground Fault Monitoring with Trip and Indication
  • Surge Protective Device 8/20 micro sec. as per IEC 61000-4-4 / 61000-4-5
  • Surge Suppressor (Metal Oxide Varistor).
  • Stabiliser By pass Switch in case of emergency
  • High Low Frequency Cut off.


TypeRatingsServo MotorInput VoltageOutput Voltage
1 Phase1 – 20 KVAAC Synchronous
Servo Motor
170 – 270220\230\240
150 – 300220\230\240
3 Phase
Air Cooled
6 – 100 KVAAC Synchoronous
Servo Motor
340 – 480380\400\415
360 – 480380\400\415
300 – 500380\400\415
3 Phase
Oil Cooled
30 – 1500 KVAAC Synchoronous
Servo Motor
340 – 480380\400\415
360 – 460380\400\415
300 – 500380\400\415