- Power Conditoners -


Product Description

A M Power’s Power Conditioners seamlessly integrate the benefits of Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers and Isolation Transformers. These conditioners ensure a constant output voltage and offer robust protection against electrical disturbances.

How it works

Featuring advanced technologies like microcontroller-based signal processing and LCD Displays, Power Conditioners by A M Power combines the strengths of stabilizers and transformers. They maintain a stable power output, safeguarding equipment from voltage-related issues and providing a reliable power solution.

Use cases

In settings where both voltage stability and protection against electrical disturbances are paramount, A M Power’s Power Conditioners shine. These innovative solutions are suitable for a range of applications, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of connected systems.

“Optimize your power use and safeguard your gear – our Power Conditioners offer consistent performance and reliability.”


Cooling: Air Cooled

Regulation: 2-4 %

Response Time: < 10 m.sec

Rate of Correction: Upto 70 V/Sec

Efficiency: Better than 96%

Frequency: 47–53 Hz

Duty cycle: 100% Continuous

Effect of Load Power Factor: Nil

Wave form Distortion: Nil

Harmonic Distortion: None

Construction: IP21

Color: RAL–7035 (Grey)

Common Mode Noise Rejection: Better than 80 – 100dB

Coupling Capacitance: Better than 0.1/0.01pF

Environment: Temperature range 0 to 50 °C. Suitable for indoor Tropical use 90% RH (non-condensing)

Unbalanced Line and Load: Independent phase sensing and control provides for 100 % load imbalance

MCB/MCCB #: At Incoming for Over Load and Short circuit protection

  • Micro Controller based Fast Signal Processing circuit.
  • High Torque Low Inertia AC Synchronous Motor with limit switches.
  • Rate of Correction up to 70 V / Seconds.
  • Response time less than 10 m seconds.
  • Energy Efficient - Low losses with Efficiency better than 96 %.
  • Auto / Manual & Lower Raise controls.
  • Advanced electronic circuits to maintain constant output voltage even on DG.
  • LCD Display for 3 Phase Electrical parameters like - Input-Output Voltages L-N & L-L / Output-Load Current / Frequency, Various faults display, and display current Status.
  • Last 100 tripped faults log to check performance history.
  • Protections
    • Per Phase settable Input under & Over Voltage Fault indication and Time delayed tripped.
    • Per Phase settable Output under & Over Voltage Fault indication and Time delayed tripped.
    • Per Phase settable Over load, Fault indication and Time delayed tripped.
    • Input Phase missing or Phase Reversal Instant Tripping.
    • Protection against Incoming Neutral / Earth missing Instant Tripping.
    • Limit switches for Servo Motor at extreme input low and high.
    • Time delayed Auto start, for stable Voltages at Output. (Optional Manual Start)
  • Earth Leakage / Ground Fault Monitoring with Trip and Indication.
  • Surge Protective Device 8/20 micro sec. as per IEC 61000-4-4 / 61000-4-5. / Surge Suppressor (Metal Oxide Varistor).
  • Stabiliser By pass Switch in case of emergency.
  • High Low Frequency Cut off.


TypeKVA RatingsServo MotorInput VoltageOutput Voltage
1 Phase1 – 50 KVAAC Synchronous
Servo Motor
170 – 270220\230\240\100\110
150 – 300220\230\240\100\110
3 Phase
Air Cooled
5 – 100 KVAAC Synchoronous
Servo Motor
340 – 480380\400\415\200\220
360 – 460380\400\415\200\220
300 – 500380\400\415\200\220